Why Open Source?

Lean about advantages of using open source software

One of the main advantages of open source document management software is its transparency. Any user, software developer, security auditor can add value to the application by reviewing, testing or fixing it. Given the source code of the document management application, anybody can install it and play with it.

As with any open source project, usually there are couple of core developers working on the application itself on daily basis and a whole community of enthusiasts. Any company can afford a couple of software developers, but not every company can pay a global community of enthusiasts who dedicate countless hours around the clock for improving application. Best open source projects gathers tens of thousands passioned users whose contribution lower applications costs and significantly improve quality.

Papermerge project is very unique in sense of open community. There are not many open source document management systems with a solid, diverse and supporting community.

Lowered Costs

Fix a typo here, fix a typo there, report a bug, test a specific scenario - all this actions take time, effort and costs money. One advantage of open source software is lowered costs of maintenance and testing. Costs are lowered because members of open community contribute with small iterations to various aspects of software planning, development, testing. Their contributions are intertwined with great passion towards application.

High Quality

Many open source contributors never meet each other. They live on completely different parts of the planet, their paths never cross so to speak. These diversity brings to the table one huge advantage - they all bring very different mindsets. In practice this means that many different eye-balls will see application from very different angles. They will test application with many different documents, in many different formats and in lots and lots of various scenarios. This all adds up in higher quality of software.


It is open, it is transparent. You can follow its development. You can see from inside how it organically grows. Openness is one of the core values of Papermerge project. For Papermerge it is of vital importance to keep users and customers informed with "insider" information. Openness builds trust and trust is the basis of any productive relationship. Transparency is why Papermerge chose the path of open source.


Supportive community of enthusiast is what makes a document management system very special. There always people ready to help, provide guidance, test latest release and try it in their own specific environment.

Pro Support

If you're hosting Papermerge DMS on your own servers but want the security of knowing you've got support when you need it, we offer affordable pro support plans for an annual subscription of 799,-