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Papermerge originated from real need.

Papermerge DMS is very special. What makes it so unique? Its origins and the way it is developed makes it so uncommon. It wasn't developed by government agency or pushed by handful of investors. It wasn't even a trendy startup...

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The Beginning

Back in 2017, it started as very simple tool to organize scanned documents. That little curiosity, turned to be very practical and was used to extract text from scanned PDF files and find specific documents. It was not until early 2019 when experiments with PDF files turned into a real software project capable of successfully handling more than 1000 pages.

Papermerge was conceived to solve a practical problem. It evolved organically. It was reshaped many times, all excessive weight was removed, bloated features were eliminated.

Open Source

On 6th of January 2020 project was open sourced. Since then Papermerge grew slow but steady. Stability, organic grow and transparency are core values which set Papermerge apart and make it so special.

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A community of enthusiasts quickly emerged around Papermerge. There are hundreds of individuals and organizations who use it around the globe. With more than 14 000 downloads from dockerhub repository, dozens of contributors and lots of users you are certainly not alone.

Pro Support

If you're hosting Papermerge DMS on your own servers but want the security of knowing you've got support when you need it, we offer affordable pro support plans for an annual subscription of 799,-