Find Any Document

OCR technology empowers you to easy search through scanned documents

You can search documents by text content. In this case searching experience resembles a modern search engine. Another posibility is to look up for information by metadata. Both methods are very powerful and yet they require very different aproaches to organization of your data. Following sections provide an overview of each search method.

Search by Text

It is very easy. Upload your scans. Done! In couple of minutes your documents are ready for search. It is absolutely irrelevent in which folder you added documents. You don't need to remember location or title of the document. Just type free text term in search bar and document will pop up. Search results are displayed in similar fashion the modern search engines do.

Free text search
Search results with context and highlighted term.

Search results reveal the context in which search term was found. It helps to understand if document is relevant.

Sort by Metadata

There is yet another way to think about documents structure. Instead of thinking about a document as free text (scanned document is actually a picture, but because of OCR feature and Papermerge magic - you can think of documents as free text) you can see them as structured information holders. A good example are fishing licenses. Fishing licenses have a license number, a holder name, issue date and expiry date. License number, holder name, issue date and expiry date are called metadata. Papermerge DMS is perfect for this use case. It helps you sort, and thus find scanned licence by respective field.

Documents sorted by Metadata.

Free text search
Look up scanned documents by sorting relevant metadata column.

Pro Support

If you're hosting Papermerge DMS on your own servers but want the security of knowing you've got support when you need it, we offer affordable pro support plans for an annual subscription of 799,-