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Hey, Mr. Document, where are you?

Paper based documents have an issue. They are not there at the moment you need them!

Instead of keeping documents, receipts, and letters in drawers, cabinets, or around your office desk you can scan and feed them to a perfectly designed software to store, OCR, and index their digital version. You can search documents by their text content and sort them by metadata.

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It has exactly what you need.

Open Source

Open source adds an additional layer of trust. Any security auditor, any software developer can see it, add value to it or comment on it.
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OCR Technology

It extracts text from your scanned documents to make most of them. You can for example copy text.
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Adds Value to Your Scans with Metadata

Scanned documents are more than just images. You can augment your documents with metadata.
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Folder Structure

Folders are natural way to organize documents. Use folders to organize intuitevely your files any way you like.
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Colored Tags

Efficiently manage your documents and folders with colored tags. Tags can be pinned - for quick access of the important documents.
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Full Text Search

Find any document just by typing a few keywords. Look up files by sorting metadata columns.
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It was born out of necessity to organize paper documents. It is light, practical, and easy to use. There are many people who find it very useful, and you may find it useful too.

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Even More Features


Automate tasks like moving documents to right folder, metadata and page extraction.

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Multi User

Papermerge DMS is a multi-user system. You can manage rights and permissions per document or per Folder.

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Page Management

Cut/Paste pages from one document to another. Reorder pages within document. Delete blank pages.

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Want to import documents from SFTP account? Or maybe import all your EMail attachments? REST API is always there to assist you.

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Receipts are Welcome

It can handle long paper receipts as well as standard A4 paper receipts.

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Scanners Best Friend

It is a natural addition to any scanner. It supports most common scanner output formats - PDF, JPEG, PNG or TIFF

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Extract, index, and organize all information stored in paper based documents. Merge paper based documents with digital documents into one augmented digital archives store.

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